Assumption Storming



Introducing a powerful new innovation tool

"Out of the box thinking" is proverbial, hyped in brainstorming sessions and company meetings the world over. But does anybody really know what the heck this box is?

Assumption Storming is a tool that gets you out of the box by systematically, joyfully, deconstructing the box. Assumption Storming has been taught in university classrooms, including at the Stanford Design School, and is currently in use at Medtronic. This tool is designed for breaking barriers to innovation wherever innovation wants to be free.


Assumption Storming in action

"I listen to worship music in the morning, and when I listen to a song enough times, it eventually fails to inspire me. For me, that's a "bug". And when I encounter a bug in my routine, I write it down! Recording the bug forced me to ponder the assumptions that drive that bug. Here's what I came up with: "recorded songs don't change". As you'll learn in Assumption Storming, once you write down an assumption you have the power to break it. My mini Assumption Storming session led to the notion that perhaps recorded songs could change, and I thrilled to the idea that my favorite songs could be different each time I play them. Different endings, different instrument and vocal tracks! Awesome! No one has done that before, that I'm aware of. There's probably a free patent idea there for anyone who can reinvent MP4 protocols."



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